Water Falls at Columbia River Gorge

Columbia river is in the border between State of Washington and Oregon. The wide range of downfall in the gorge has a greenery rain forest and classic wild flowers . The Columbia river gorge has many waterfalls and dams. Every falls is unique in their own aspect. One of such is Multnomah Falls, a popular and breathtaking. There is approx. 1.2 mile hike trail that climbs to the top of the Multnomah Falls which provides great view of falls and Columbia river. From here you get to see a series of amazing waterfalls .
Multnomah Falls
Wild Flowers
Multnomah Falls
Latourell Falls
                                                                      Latourell Falls
Horse Tail Falls
After a hike of 1.2 mile view from 600 ft above of Multnomah Falls
Old Columbia river Highway

Vista House at crown point is like a beautiful crown atop stone building built on this splendid landscape has a great overview of river gorge.
Vista House at Crown Point
Spectacular view of river gorge from Crown Point
                                            Columbia river from Crown point Vista house

Exploring is endless and a great place to refresh again and must visit.


  1. Beautiful Madhuri! Especially the first one; one feels like travelling all the way across the country to the west coast! :-)

  2. Hi Madhuri,

    Travel and photography..wat a combination. I love both of these. I love your images. GIves such a wanderlust

    I will be back for more :)