Hawaiian Islands [Oahu and Big Island]

A Small journey to the paradise Island "Hawaii".We spent our last year summer vacation in a place where  fresh, floral air, warm tranquil waters and natural beauty energizes you all over. Hawaii has 6 major astonishing islands and every island has its own beauty. As per our scheduled plan, we managed to explore little of 2 major islands -
Oahu(Honolulu) called as heart of Hawaii
Big Island called as volcanic island.
                                                                   Hawaiian Dolls
Oahu Island is densely populated compare to other islands and most popular tourists destination. It is also called 'Gathering Place'. It served entry point to most of the major islands. The well known places on Oahu Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Hanauma, Kaneohe Bay, Kailua Bay, North Shore.

With little time we explored the World famous Waikiki beach, which is most famous for its beaches and with diamond head as a backdrop, the calm waters of Waikiki are perfect for a surfing lesson.
                                               Waikiki Beach and view of Diamond Head from Waikiki

Pearl Harbor is the only naval base in the United States to have the distinction to be recognized as a National Historical Landmark. You can see the history of war preserved in four museums. Below pictures are of the restored World war II Submarine and memorials.
USS Arizona Memorial
                                                          Battleship Missouri Memorial
Place where World War II ended
Diamond Head is situated at the end of Waikiki overlooking pacific ocean. You need to hike .7-mile up which will take about an hour to reach the summit, and half that time for the return. Standing atop, one can experience city-ocean speculator view.
Views from top of Diamond head-3520 feet high

Big Island as name itself says, its big in geographical area compare to other islands in Hawaii. The main attraction in Big Island is Volcanic National Park located southwest of Hilo. One of the most active volcanoes on earth. Due to time constraints, We took one day guide tour. Flew from Oahu to Big Island thru domestic carrier.

First we headed to Rainbow waterfalls, the best time to visit Rainbow Falls is in the morning hours when the sun rises over the area's mango trees. After witnessing the beauty of the falls, another of the Big Island Hawaii attractions is the natural cave situated behind Rainbow Falls Hawaii. The deep cave is the mythological home to Hina, an ancient Hawaiian goddess. True to its namesake, a kaleidoscopic rainbow can be seen from the cave and surrounding area when the cascading water connects with the pool below. The rainbow is a magical sight that penetrates the misty mornings creating an ethereal atmosphere.
                                                                 Rainbow Waterfalls, Big Island
Halemaumau Crater -Steam vents plume from this massive crater, known as the home of Pele, the volcano goddess. This crater was filled with a lake of lava that eventually drained away. Great respect should be paid at this sacred site.
Halemaumau crater,Big Island

Punaluu Black Sand Beach is one of the most famous black sand beaches in Hawaii and the landscape is rugged with the remnants of recent volcanic eruptions. What surprises me is coconut trees are planted on that cool down lava rocks.
Black Sand Beach,Big Island
Coconut plants on cooldown lava rock
Our last destination was to view the live lava flowing from active volcanoes. It was breathtaking experience.
Smoke of lava flowing down to Ocean

Lastly, we enjoyed famous Hawaiian Luha at one of resort with hawaiian music,dance and food.
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