Yellowstone National Park

We recently made a 3 day trip to one of world's first national park- Yellowstone. We flew from Seattle to Bozeman,Montana and drove to West Yellowstone.
Yellowstone park is famous for its geysers,mudpots, pools and hot srpings, sensual blast of hot steam followed by cold air, the aroma of rotten eggs and belching sound of a hot springs. It is a home for bisons,elk, bears, wolves and moose.It's spectacular landscape shaped by volcanoes and glaciers.
                                                           Taken at Canyon to Mammoth hot springs
Each part of the park boasts its own charm. To the northwest of the park, Mammoth offers terraces and colorful pools.
        Taken at Lower Terrace Mammoth Hot springs
Taken at Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs
Taken at Trail to Lower Terrace Mammoth Hot springs
Canyon holds magnificent waterfalls - upper falls and lower falls. Much of Canyon's beauty comes from its subtle range of colors from egg white to salmon pink. It is a star of the entire park, series of scenic overlooks and a network of trails along the canyon's rims and interiors highlights its beauty.

                                                Taken at Lower falls, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
                                                               Lower Falls Overview
Yellowstone Lake is a huge wilderness of water that shelters the park's most remot reaches. The lake remains frozen almost half the year.You will find a buttercup-yellow building near yellowstone lake which one of the oldest and most elegant lodge.
                                                       Taken at Yellowstone lake - frosted
                                                               Yellowstone Lake Hotel
Norris geyser basin is one of the america's oldest continuously active geothermal area. In norris the earth sighs, boils and rages. The Basin features 2 areas - Procelain and Back Basin.

                                                                Taken at Norris Geyser Basin
Old Faithful is considered the tallest predictable geysers and erupts constantly every hour or so and lasts for 4-5 minutes. You see a historic enchanting log building called Old Faithful Inn.
Cool down Geysers
                                                                Taken at Old faithful

                                                        Taken at inside of Oldfaithful Inn
Madison Valley is of interest mainly to anglers and wildwatchers, as most of deers, bison and elk live in this area.
Norris to Madison


Altogether, Yellowstone is a great experience.